How to start and scale your own data company today

man using data to make business decisions

In today's digital era, starting a company in data and analytics has been made easier due to an increase in computing power. Potential investors in this industry have always asked themselves the feasibility of this venture as well as the team needed. To answer the question on the team needed, you will need a market strategist, product manager, experience designer, web developer, researcher, and data analyst.

As you can see, getting all these professionals on board can be a heavy task, especially when you are in the initial stages of your company. For this reason, most data startups tend to leverage established companies such as Clear Skip to help.

Before looking at how partnering with seasoned players can help, you need to have an overview of what is needed to set up your own data company.

Plan your business

Before investing your money into the business, you need to first plan thoroughly. Look at what other players in the industry are doing and the type of data and analytics they are dealing in. keeping a close eye on your competitors is crucial when starting your very own company. This can come in handy in the future when you are looking to expand.

During your planning phase, you need to identify your target audience. This will largely depend on your expertise and experience. Today, data has become an invaluable product across various industries, especially the real estate industry, with businesses seeking to use this information to generate new leads.

Financing your business

The capital needed to set up a data and analytics company largely depends on the size of your service area and the complex nature of the data you are dealing with. To find out the amount you need for your business will require researching other data companies, specifically those dealing in your niche. You can as well visit the company physically; you never know, you can get more insight into the business. This is something you can find from leading data firms such as Clear Skip.

Create a business plan

A business plan is basically a road map to help guide you. This document can also come in handy when scouting for investors or when securing loans from financial institutions. Your plan should be a summary report of all your research on the industry highlight your specific services or product. Within the document, you should also be able to identify your niche and your financial projections.

Being a startup, you can keep the document simple and straightforward without setting the bar too high. Be sure to include graphs, charts, and images and make them presentable (for the investors or financiers).

Find help

This step is very important, especially in the data business. Going at it alone can seem like an uphill task. However, this should not be the case. There are several resources at your disposal that you can exploit. This is probably the best time to reach out to experts for help. Some of these include;


These professionals can be of great help when seeking to understand the legal framework from which to operate in. They will also help you maintain compliance with all the regulations and rules regarding data acquisition and potential use.

Business development centers

Here, you can find help with your business plan. These centers also offer consultative and training services to their clients.

Established data companies

This is where Clear Skip comes in. Clear Skip is a data company focused on skip tracing. This data can be used in various fields such as probate, LLC, and most importantly, the real estate industry. By partnering with companies such as Clear Skip, you can be able to purchase data you can resell to clients as your own. This data can be bought at a lower price, making it a profitable venture rather than going through the entire process of developing the data.

As a startup, your systems may not be well equipped to perform a certain analytical process. You can use Clear Skip to analyze some of the data you collect. This way, you can curve your target audience or even use the analytical report to generate leads. With the help of these established firms, you can as well find alternative ways to reach out to the leads bought. This means there is a legal framework put in place on how you can approach these leads. You have to tread carefully when sending texts, emails, or even calling. By partnering with a seasoned player, they can help guide you through the ethical and legal ways to optimize the data you have.

Create a business structure

This is also one section a business lawyer can come in handy. Every business needs to have a specific structure that is recognized by the law. It can be a sole proprietorship, a Limited Liability Company, or even a partnership. Ensure you have all the necessary paperwork ready before launching. Within the structure, you should clearly indicate the operation rules of the company. A set of rules to govern the conduct of every member of your team.

File for all the necessary licenses and permits

Different states and regions have varied requirements when it comes to setting up a company. Consult with the relevant authorities to know the different permits and licenses you will need to operate. In case you are going at it alone, be sure to use your Social Security Number to replace the Tax Identification Number issued by the authorities.

Finding clients

To find your target audience, you can further leverage the services of Clear Skip to narrow down on your potential customers. You can then use the information you have on them to call, text, or email inquiring if they are in need of any of your data and analytics products or services. If you have previous experience in the industry, you can find new clients from your current client list through referrals and recommendations. Be sure to give out your business card to prospects during networking events.

Creating a website can be advantageous due to the growing use of the internet in the modern era.